Independent artisan made yarns and fiber. Artistic emphasis in handmade cloth dolls. Here, you will also find fabulous, one-of-a-kind Faerie Spun Dreads.

Who knew careful planning and strategic brain-storming could result in such crazy, whimsical, and outlandishly gorgeous fiber art? Well, Dani Davis of Pumpkinhaus lives it out everyday as she dyes, spins, and creates fantastic fiber pieces that are sure to delight the senses. Dani was born into the fiber art scene and has taken her talents to new highs, incorporating acquired skills and unexpected, inspiring, requests (even from 7-year-old children!) to remind the world there is so much more we can do with fiber.

~ Excerpt from May 2013 Spin Artiste interview by Arlene Thayer ~
Read the complete interview at http://www.spinartiste.com/featured-artist-dani-davis-of-pumpkinhaus-plus-fairie-spun-dreads-giveaway